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Damn You (BuckyxReader Lemon) :iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 61 14
Deer Selfie by PhoenixAngel7 Deer Selfie :iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 32 24
Forgive Pt 2. (LokixReader)
       Six months had passed since Loki had returned to Earth. During those six months, the two of you had chances to talk but you mostly got the chance to express your anger towards him for leaving you when you were pregnant. Sure, he didn’t know but he left because he assumed you cheated on him. Which was just as bad. Loki was still not allowed to live in the same part of the tower as you but instead had to bunk with Thor (much to his displeasure). Raising the twins had been hard here and there but thankfully everyone in the tower had a baby monitor in case of an incoming attack and to give you a break every once in a while.
        Now, you were sitting in the living room attempting to feed Fenrir but Frigga was being mischievous. She was throwing her small banana pieces and peaches all over the place. A banana piece even hit Fenrir on his forehead.
“Oh no…” you whispered, seeing the c
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 54 20
That XX (BuckyxReader) One-Shot
    He let out an exasperated sigh as he picked up the phone. Not one word said and he could already hear you sniffling on the other end. Bucky knew that what he was about to hear wasn’t good. It had been this way for the past couple of months一ever since you started seeing him. Your new boyfriend was certainly not someone Bucky would ever want you with. But no matter how hard he wanted to say something, he knew it would be like all the times before where you would fight with him and stop talking to him for days. Bucky couldn’t take going through that again.
He took a sharp intake of breath.
“B-Bucky….” Came your choky voice on the other end. You had probably been crying for hours or maybe even minutes. He couldn’t tell anymore. “H-He left m-me.”
He felt his heart skip a beat. He couldn’t help but feel….happy. It sickened him to think that
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 150 48
Project: FEM - Justice (ThorxReader)

Someone had screamed it, you smelled it, and everyone had heard the large explosion. You had a ringing in your ears that made you fear you’d had gone deaf. But after a couple of minutes,  the world was screaming in your ears again. You had to crawl yourself out of the car you were underneath, ignoring the pain that rippled throughout your body.
   It had all started this morning when a pyromaniac mutant had escaped a local correctional institution specialized for people like her. Or so it said on the pamphlet. The pyromaniac’s villain name was Fiera. She was a Mexican woman with long, black curls that reached her waist. Her skin was naturally sun kissed due to the fact, that she was Mexican. Her eyes were a dark chocolate brown color but would come alight with golden and yellow hues whenever she used her powers. Many times you tried to convince her to be good, but the fire always consumed her in the end.
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 110 49
I've Got You (NatashaxReader) One-Shot
You were sitting in your bedroom with Natasha sitting behind you and braiding your hair while you watched TV. When Natasha came home from work, she hadn’t said much to you about how her day went. You assumed it was the usual secret spy stuff that you weren’t allowed to know however even after you had moved into the shared bedroom, she hadn’t uttered a word to you. Yes, she offered to braid your hair but that was about it.
“Nat is something on your mind?” you asked worriedly.
Her fingers combed through your hair.
“No, why do you say that?”
“Nat don’t lie to me,” you chided her. “I can tell when something’s up. It doesn’t take secret assassin skills to figure that out.”
“Don’t worry, (Name),” she grinned. “Everything’s just fine.”
“Is this your first time?” Clint whispered in your ear.
You both sat down on the cushi
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 190 30
Manhunt (AvengersxReader) Pt. 6
Smile Dog’s tongue continued to lap at your face. It was his way of making you stay awake and encouraging you to get back on your feet. The demon dog whimpered by your feet, where his wet nose nudged your them. You reached over for the knife Laughing Jack had dropped and did your best to roll over to your side so you could try to get up. Your body had become sore from the encounter you had with Laughing Jack earlier so this would take a while. You managed to sit up on your knees but just when you were about to get up on your feet, letters flashed across the night sky:
“Riight,” you said. “I forgot that our new objective was to kill the monsters in this game.”
“Hmm?” Smile Dog hummed, raising his ears.
You scratched him behind the ear. “We’ve just been so concerned with surviving we’ve forgotten that we knew all along how to get out of here.” You sighed and using up all your strength,
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 123 96
Corruption (LokixReaderxJoker) One-Shot
The sky was an onyx oyster and the moon, it’s pearl. You were hunched over a typical Manhattan building; your hood up and mask on. You were like a gargoyle watching the people of the city; waiting for any signs of danger. Ever since the attack of New York, you had developed a bad habit of doing this. Whenever you weren’t watching the city, you felt on edge. You felt as if something could go wrong at any moment. Steve and Natasha had tried to help you many times to fix this habit of yours but to no avail. Your boss, Director Fury, was aware of your situation and kept trying to coax you into taking a break from work but last time you agreed to it, you spent the week nightwatching the city.
The attack on New York had left you damaged.
So many lives had been lost that day and you couldn’t help but feel that that would have been different if you had done something.
     At the time, you weren’t the hero that you were now. You had been a rooki
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 154 50
Minor Injury (Young!ErikxReader) One-Shot
It was a cool summer morning when Erik had stumbled across you in the gardens of the institute. At first he wasn’t sure if had actually seen a person, what with him having sleepless nights and stressful days, he felt that it was natural that he’d start hallucinating at some point. But when he approached the rose bush in which you had disappeared behind, he saw you. Your (e/c) eyes snapped up to his, looking curious, shocked, and embarrassed all in a flurry of seconds.
“I’m so sorry!” you said, nervous smile gracing your lips. “I didn’t mean to cross into private grounds. Actually, um….” You cleared your throat awkwardly. “I did. I wasn’t sure if this was the right place since it’s so beautiful, but by any chance, is there a Charles Xavier here?”
Erik’s eyes looked you over curiously. “You’re here...for Charles?” he asked a bit skeptical. “I didn’t realize the man actually h
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 233 33
Dresses (LokixReader) One-Shot
Due to being a member of SHIELD, your weeks could either be really calm and quiet, or really loud and hectic. This week since Tony was assigned most of the missions because Captain America was busy dealing with the drug cartel in Siberia, your week had been chaotic. The billionaire had strolled around the facility like he owned the place. He would occasionally flirt with you, which you didn’t mind but whenever you were busy with your work, you had to remind him with force to leave you alone.
So to help take off the stress you had been feeling, Natasha had decided to take you shopping this weekend. Currently you were at the mall with her and had just finished buying a pair of black pumps.
“God I love working for SHIELD just for these reasons,” you smiled, looking down at the pair of shoes in your shopping bag.
“Yeah it does pay good,” Natasha nodded. “What store do you want to hit next?”
“Hmmmm…” You paused to look around.
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 191 113
Blue (OswaldCobblepotxReader) One-Shot
The first time he had laid eyes on you, Fish Mooney had told him that you had a voice that made heads turn and eyes widen in surprise. Oswald had no doubt about that since a beautiful woman like yourself would have an equally divine voice to match. He watched you with curious eyes, a small smile on his face, as the spotlight was lowered onto your (h/c) head. Your eyes were rimmed with black, making your (e/c) pop and when your eyes flickered upwards and met his, he felt his breath hitch in his throat.
“Don’t get too riled up now,” Fish Mooney said, giving him a look. “Just wait until you hear her sing.”
Oswald waited on by excitedly. You took a step up to the microphone; your blue velvet dress sparkling underneath the light. Your red painted lips parted and a voice sweet as honey that had a twinkling sound like wind chimes, was heard.
“You say that you wanna go
To a land that's far away
How are we supposed to get there
With the way that we're
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 113 27
Fun With A Trickster (QuicksilverxReader) One-Shot
A/N: An AU story in which Pietro, Kurt and Blink are all young teens that go to Charles Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters. The readers powers are not quite defined in this, but she has powers similar to Kitty except she can't phase through people. 

“(f/n) (l/n)!” Logan roared from downstairs. “You’re gonna get it this time, kid!”
You barely had enough time to register what was happening when Logan stormed into your room with his hot pink colored claws out. You wanted to pretend that this was not your doing but one look at his claws and you lost it. You doubled over laughing, face turning cherry red. Logan however was not amused.
“You might want to run before the Professor tries to convince me to not hurt you,” the Wolverine growled.
A puff of dark blue and black swirls appeared in front of you and when the smoke dissipated, you saw Kurt with a devilish grin on his face.
“Vey, (Name)!” he grinned. “I &
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 460 83
Dance Battles (StarLordxReader) One-Shot
While Peter discussed some things with the Nova Corps and the ship stayed waiting on the planet, you and Rocket had been tinkering away with the ship all the afternoon. Rocket had been the one who tried to make bombs out of all of the small parts he could find, but you managed to coax him into doing something more fun. You and Rocket had both grown annoyed to the music that Peter constantly played. Hooked on a Feeling was a great song to dance to….the first 100 times. After fishing out your iPod from your bag, Rocket helped you connect it to the ship. Relief washed over the both of you when it worked and new music filled the ship.
“What song is this?” Gamora asked puzzled when she walked into the cockpit. “I’ve never heard it before.”
“This my friend, is rock music and the song that you’re hearing is I Write Sins, Not Tragedies. Pretty neat, huh?” You looked at her with eager eyes.
Her nose crinkled up in confusion. “Bu
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 240 48
Ghost Stories (AvengersxReader) Pt. 7
“This should be good,” Clint said with a smug smirk.
“I bet mine’s will be scarier than yours,” you huffed.
“Oh? And why do you say that?”
“Because like Bruce’s, mine is actually true,” you scoffed.
“Really?” Bruce asked. “I thought I was the only one.”
“Trust me, Brucie, you’re not alone,” you shook your head.
♠♠♠Reader’s POV♠♠♠
My family and I had been traveling around Colombia looking for great sightseeing places. We had found quite a lot and after traveling all night to get to a small town, we finally settled at a finca that we were renting for two days. The finca was like a large cabin but more upscale. The TV was in the living room, but downstairs the two rooms had two bunkbeds. I was stuck upstairs with my grandparents. The stairs led directly to the bedroom which I found to be oddly chilling. My room was large, had a bathroom inside,
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 162 148
Ghost Stories (AvengersxReader) Pt. 6
“Hey bring me some cranberry juice, will ya!” you called after the billionaire.
“What are you? Five?” he shouted back.
You rolled your eyes and waited with the others for him to come back. Natasha had changed seats and was now sitting where Tony was once seated before to be more in the center of the group. You were more than curious to see what she would come up with. And you weren’t the only one who was curious since everyone was now leaning forward.
“Here’s your juice, you baby,” Tony huffed while handing you it. “Hey you took my seat!”
“Yes and now you will take mine and not whine about,” Natasha added with a smirk.
With a sigh, he sat down on the couch and sipped on what looked like to be scotch.
“Alright tell us your scary story then,” Tony said bitterly.
“Will do,” she grinned, the candles’ light illuminating her porcelain face.
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 111 48
Mature content
Hotline (BuckyxReader) :iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 154 50


Loki Helmet Pendant Necklace by ArchandSoul Loki Helmet Pendant Necklace :iconarchandsoul:ArchandSoul 261 23 Life Is A Joke by angelsaquero Life Is A Joke :iconangelsaquero:angelsaquero 180 38
*OVER* Holiday Giveaway *OVER*
Hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. So, just in time for the holiday season I'll be having another giveaway. This one will be lasting a bit longer than the others I have done.
Bullet; BlueFirst Place:  12-month Premium Membership
Bullet; PurpleSecond Place:  3-month Premium Membership
Bullet; Red Third Place:  1-month Premium Membership
Bullet; YellowFourth Place:  250 Points
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Please note that substituting prizes (such as PM for points) is not permitted
:iconshiyahawk:ShiyaHawk 237 369
All I Need's A Whisper|Steve Rogers x Reader|5
Steve had never woken up next to a woman before.
He'd really never had the opportunity. All the pretty girls in Brooklyn had always went home with Bucky and his 94 pound, asthmatic body didn't exactly provided the romantic night a woman was looking for, at least that's what he'd always been told. Then, after the super serum, he'd had other pressing matters on his mind and, though this time women were more inclined to choose him, he'd just always refused. He was too busy, too preoccupied, and he'd started to just accept that fact that he'd probably never know what it was like to have someone else there when he woke up.
That is, until this particular morning.
She lay on her stomach, arms curled up beneath her pillow and the thick comforter just low enough on her body that Steve could see her bare shoulders and the start of the smooth curve of her back. The feel of her skin beneath his fingers was still fresh in his mind and Steve reached out, brushing feather-light touches along her shou
:iconivyandtwine:ivyandtwine 156 93
La disparition by ambrosia3 La disparition :iconambrosia3:ambrosia3 542 32
Mature content
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 35 Dessert :iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 31 7
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 34 Family Matters
“Clint….” You pushed the peas around your plate.
“Mmm?” He looked up, mouth full of salmon.
“I was wondering whether you ever met my father.”
Clint shifted in his seat, clearing his throat uncomfortably. “I met him briefly, yes.”
Your eyes widened. “What was he like as an agent?”
“He was one of the best. Your father was Fury’s go to agent for anything difficult, including apprehending me.”
You nodded chewing a small mouthful of food before replying. “Is that why Fury wanted me so badly? Because he thought I would be like my father?”
Clint gave you a questioning look.
Sighing you elaborated. “I remember on the helicarrier when you mentioned him wanting me badly.”
“You have a good memory,” setting down his knife and fork he looked at you steadily. “I’m not meant to say anything, or at least not so early. But I’m not going to lie to you for the sake of
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 33 7
Russian Roulette by UnicatStudio Russian Roulette :iconunicatstudio:UnicatStudio 374 115
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 32 First Date
A week had passed since the nightmare mission. You hadn’t returned to the industrial like headquarters, instead Fury had allowed you to stay onboard the Helicarrier. Your injuries healed surprisingly fast, you were walking somewhat normally in no time. You had been in the small training room, practicing your hand to hand combat with an unknown male when Clint approached you. You flashed him a smile, as you continued to dodge and block the onslaught of punches that were being thrown your way. When there was an opening, you mad a sweeping motion with your leg, knocking the agent off of his feet with a thunk.
“Looks like you’re almost back to normal.” Clint greeted you with a quick kiss.
“I wish, I’m struggling to regain my agility. I’m starting to worry I’ll never get it back.”
He chuckled shaking his head. “It’s only been a week ______, besides; your agility seems to be pretty good to me.”  
You looked over at
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 30 7
Draco X Reader- Partners PT 3
The next morning was a nightmare. You accompanied Hermione down to the great hall for breakfast, though you didn’t feel up to it. Draco would be there, sitting at the Slytherin table with his friends. The very thought of seeing him caused your stomach to churn. You shook your head, realizing how ridiculous you were being. You had every right to be down there having breakfast with the rest of the school.
Hermione had sensed your mood immediately. “Cheer up _____, he was the one who was rejected.”
You nodded silently, glancing down at your feet.
She sighed. “He’s not the first one you’ve rejected either, remember Seamus.”
You rolled your eyes, smirking. “How could I forget?”
“I don’t think anyone could.” She replied with a smile.
Your mood began to brighten. It was stupid to be upset, especially on a sunny Saturday morning.
The Gryffindor table was already packed by the time you arrived. You greeted Harry and Ron wit
:iconmajestic-glory:majestic-glory 162 12
Space Jam (Peter QuillxReader)
Florescent lights flickered above while a fan buzzed on the edge of the counter. Too bad the fan wasn’t loud enough to drown out the music playing over the loud speakers. You sat behind the register, feet propped up and flipping through the latest Rolling Stone magazine. The manager walked out of her tiny office purse in hand ready to leave, much to your relief. She was only two years older than you but she liked to talk to you as if you were a child. She had air of smugness about her and it all came from that plastic rectangle on her shirt that read “manager”. Eyeing your boots resting on the counter she quickly rushed over to you.
“(y/n) what have I told you about putting your feet on the counter?” she gasped. “It’s completely unsanitary and looks totally unprofessional! What if someone came in and saw you like this?”
As if on cue, a man wearing a maroon leather jacket and orange headphones walked in. Your manager’s eyes went wide
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 138 39
I Hate Magnets - Bucky x Reader
“If I could just reach for it…”
You stood on your tippy toes with a hand outstretched. Just an inch out of your reach was a Twinkie- on the top shelf of the cabinet.
“Just one more inch!” You bit your tongue. One more inch before you could taste sweet heaven.
Your fingers successfully touched it. “Yes!” Now all you had to do was grab it.
Astonishment riddled your features.
Looking in the direction where the Twinkie was taken you saw Bucky happily munching on it. He took a liking to these little cakes after Steve successfully persuaded him to move into Stark’s Tower with him and you.
Unfortunately like Thor, he too started munching away on your not-so-secret Twinkie stash.
Bucky leaned on the kitchen counter smirking.
“Bucky… that was my Twinkie” You said.
He chewed and swallowed before replying, “It doesn’t have your name on it”
Incredulous, you replied, “That was the l
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 658 84
Peter Quill x Reader Born For the Stars Part 8.
            You breathed in a small gulp of air, cringing at how tight your chest was. If anything, it felt like you had suddenly developed asthma (you knew you hadn’t, though). You blinked your eyes quickly, adapting to the light of the place you were in- which you realized was the Milano.
            You lifted your head from the pillow you had rested on. Looking around, you processed that you were once again in Peter’s bunk. Déjà vu much? You looked to your right to see that Peter had been sitting crisscross-applesauce next to the bed; you chuckled lightly at the awkward position he had nodded off in. His head was thrown back with his mouth slightly agape, his arms loosely drooped over his crossed legs. You figured that he was waiting for you to wake up, so you sat up stiffl
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 88 34
traditional wedding (Steve x Reader)
You look in the mirror. The Kimono was red with cherry blossoms on it. You're parents wanted you to do something traditional, and they didn't care which one you went with. Your mom's Japanese side, or your dad's Egyptian side. So you decided your mom's, because you liked the Kimono that you would get to wear. You pull your hair up into a bun, and spin around. People weren't always accepting of the two of you. You got all these looks because you had slightly darker skin, but you still shared your Japanese traits.
"You look beautiful" you turned around to see your finance, Steve in the door way.
"You're not supposed to see yet!" You lightly scolded.
"Hey. You are." He smiles.
"There was a girl at the mall today and all I could think was 'I'd tap that'"
"I'm sure you would." He laughs to himself.
"My mom said you could wear a tuxedo or she could make you a Hakama to match mine"
"If you're going traditional, I think I'd want to match" he snakes an arm around your waist, poking your sides.
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 9 7
Guardians of the Galaxy Typography by gemma-rubix-cube Guardians of the Galaxy Typography :icongemma-rubix-cube:gemma-rubix-cube 38 10 Avengers Typography by gemma-rubix-cube Avengers Typography :icongemma-rubix-cube:gemma-rubix-cube 41 10


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