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August 16, 2013
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A/N: If you are under 15, please be warned that this is a lemon-which means it contains sexual content-if you wish to read then go ahead. Enjoy :)

Reader's POV

    The house was silent...quiet....perhaps a little too quiet. I looked over nervously at Ben who only reassured me with a devilish smile. Ever since I had become immortal, Slenderman has been pairing me up with the others to see who can teach me how to kill. Tonight it was Ben's turn. When Slenderman had told me that it was Ben who would be taking me out tonight to kill, I almost died all over again. Yes Ben was a fine and excellent killer but he was such a pervert! There had been so many times when I'd just be sitting on the couch carelessly and he'd come along and tried to feel me up. Of course he never got a chance to hurt me or touch me. Jeff was always showed up just in time to kick the crap out of Ben for me. I sighed thinking about the killer. I wanted to be paired up with him tonight but as it turns out, he was busy.


"So when do we attack?" I whispered to him.

"Soon," He told me. "First we have to scoop out the house and see how many people are inside."

"Got it," I nodded. 

My black combat boots moved throughout the ground as my (h/c) hair gently lifted off my shoulders when a soft breeze blew by. I looked down at my (s/c) hands to see that they were very pale. I guess I was really nervous about this killing. Especially since I have Ben here with me. I swear if a girl just showed her boobs for five seconds, he probably would let her go. Thankfully, the family we were killing tonight had no sluts. We moved around out back after checking the living room windows; no one was there. When we looked through the kitchen windows we saw no one there. There was a back door and I know it would seem stupid to try but I tried to open it anyways. Surprisingly, the door was open. 

"Hey Ben!" I whisper-yelled to him. "The back door is open!"

"Sweet!" He said like an excited school boy.

      I rolled my eyes as we walked inside the kitchen quietly. I crouched down and moved silently to make sure that if someone strolled by, I could quickly hide without a second thought. Ben did the same and let me take the lead. I took my knife out and held it steady as we walked up the stairs. Thankfully the stairs were carpeted so it didn't make that annoying creaking sound. When we came to the top of the stairs there were two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom was empty and one of the bedrooms had to belong to the child. Ben and I exchanged looks, debating which one to open.

"How about we just open it a creak to check whose bedroom it is?" I suggested. 

"Good idea," Ben nodded. 

I approached the door with a shaking hand but gripped it tightly. The world felt like a ticking time bomb when I opened the door slowly. I breathe out a sigh of relief when I see a young sleeping girl inside. I motion Ben over and he takes a peak inside. He gives me a look of approval and I start to stealthy move in. It would be easier to start with the young girl. Ben stayed behind and watched me since he obviously wasn't going to hold my hand while I killed someone. When I got to the girl, I admit that I felt a little bad for taking such a young life. She looked to be about nine or ten with shoulder length shiny blonde hair and milky white skin. She slept soundly underneath her white bed covers, completely unaware that I was about to kill her. A sick smile spread across my face as I sliced her throat open with my knife before stabbing her with it. I covered her mouth with my hand to prevent any gurgling noises to be heard. Her body shook violently, the shaking decreasing as her life slipped away. Finally she stopped moving and the deed was done. I looked back at the bed when I approached the door.

"Hmmm the red looks nice on the white," I said to myself. I look over at Ben. "I take it that the parents bedroom is next door?"

"Yup," He nodded. "Ladies first." 

"Since when are you a gentleman?" I giggled. 

"Since I laid my eyes on you," He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

I slapped him upside the head. "Now is not the time to be romancing me."

"So you were being romanced?" He snickered.

"Shut up!" I whisper-yelled. "Let's get back to the mission." 

"Fine, fine."

     While we walked to the parents room, I heard a loud thud behind me followed by the sound of a vase shattering. I look back, eyes wide. Ben had tried on the rug on the hallway floor and by accident knocked over the vase on the table when he tried to balance himself. We were frozen in place, Ben still on the floor with pieces of the vase around him. We heard a grumbling sound coming from the master bedroom. 

"Jim what was that noise?" A frantic woman asked.

"Nothing Karen," A man grumbled. "Probably just Alisa who knocked something over while going to the bathroom."

"Maybe..." The woman, Karen, said unsure. "Alisa?" She called out from behind the door. "Alisa honey is that you?"

Ben and I looked at each other terrified. I've never taken out two grown adults before. I don't know if I can handle this. Maybe if I tried to sound like the little girl...? No...a mother would know the voice of her own child. I help Ben up and we try to make a break for it down the stairs but its too late. The woman probably heard the loud shuffling noises and panicked, sending her husband outside. We were just about half way down the stairs when a grown man with dark brown hair and blazing green eyes saw us. He was very tall and had a good build up for someone his age.

"What the?" He said confused when he saw us. "What are you kids doing in here? Get the hell out of my house!"

We were about to leave when we heard a screech coming from the girls room. Shit. Karen came and practically threw herself at her husband crying. She pointed at us with a shaky finger.

"They killed her!" She screamed. "They killed Alisa!!" 

"W-What?" He looked at Karen shocked. He noticed the blood in her hands and he eyes trailed down to my knife...the knife covered in his daughters blood. 

"YOU BASTARDS!" He yelled furiously. 

In a matter of seconds he bolted down the stairs and punched me square in the face, sending me falling down the stairs. Ben ran to my side and tried to help me up but it was no use. Jim, the father, came and threw Ben over the railing and kicked me in the stomach. I yelped in pain while clutching my stomach as he hit me over and over again. He grabbed a vase on a nearby table and broke it. He grabbed a piece of the vase and jabbed it in my stomach and started slicing me all over my body. The pain was unbearable but it will heal...eventually. He kicked me in the stomach again and grabbed a fistful of my hair and threw me across the room. Ben decided to stop fooling around and took out his dagger. Jim tried to punch Ben but he dodged the attack and stabbed him the stomach repeatedly. He quickly picked me up bridal style and ran out of the house towards the woods.

~~~~~~~~~~~Le time skip~~~~~~~~~

     We were back at the CreepyPasta House. The pain I had felt before was gone. That's the perks of being immortal, we can heal fast. There were some marks and bruises and cuts that were still healing though. It was only the pain that had subsided. When we got to the CreepyPasta house, the first thing I did was change my clothes to something more comfortable. While changing I noticed that the wound in my stomach was almost done healing. Remembering at being at the house scared the crap out of me. If I were mortal I surely would've died back there. Ben set my down on the couch and sat down next to me. He looked at me sheepishly and muttered a sorry underneath his breath as he buried his face in his hands. I patted his back.

"Hey it's okay," I tried to comfort him. "I just wasn't ready for that sort of thing."

"You could've gotten hurt," He sighed. "And Jeff would've killed me."

As if on cue, Jeff stormed into the house, Masky following behind like a duckling. He looked pissed off and judging by Masky's movements he was nervous. Now that I remember, those two had gone killing together. It was rare that something like happened. Only when it was a big kill did we pair up. 

     Jeff clenched up his fists as he walked back and forth throughout the room. Masky had decided to slip upstairs while Jeff....tried to calm down(?). I could be wrong but I'm guessing that one of them blew up the big kill. It could have been Masky but then again he is very strong. You see, Masky fights differently from Jeff. Masky is more of a hand-to-hand combat kind of guy while Jeff uses his knife. Since it's night time, while they were trying to kill their victims, Masky probably tried to punch one of them but accidentally hit Jeff causing him to lose his game and the kill? I'm just guessing here so who knows what might of happened. 

"Uh Jeff?" I piped up nervously. "Is everything okay?" When he was like this, I was always nervous/scared to talk to him. He's like a ticking time bomb. Who knows when he will explode. 

"Okay? OKAY?" He laughed demonically. "NO! Everything is NOT FUCKING OKAY, OKAY?"

"What, uh, happened?" I asked timidly. I was practically sinking into the couch, trying to make myself less visible. 

He pulled his knife out from his hoodie's pocket and threw it at the wall behind me. I jumped at the sudden movement. He grabbed a fistful of his hair and screamed, leaning down. When he was done screaming, he straightened back up like nothing had happened, breathing steadily. I looked at him freaked out but then again I had seen creepier things. 

"What happened?" He said. "What happened oh dear (name), is that we lost a kill. And do you want to know why?" I hesitated but nodded slowly. "Well it was because MASKY TACKLED SOMEONE TO THE GROUND MAKING ME TRIP OVER THAT PATHETIC MEAT SACK!" He screamed. "WE LOST THE KILL! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?"

"That uh..." I said while shaking.


"Okay Jeff calm down dude," Ben said to him. 

"I won't calm down," He huffed. "This is just unacceptable." 

"You'll get the guy next time," Ben tried to reassure him with a small smile. "You're Jeff the Killer. Of course you'll make the guy go to sleep."

His eyes flashed over to Ben. "That's true....that punkass bitch won't see what's coming to him when I go back."

"Good," Ben nodded. "Now, uh, let's all just get some rest or something."

       Ben grew nervous and I could tell why. His eyes had glanced over to the side of my face. My hand went there quickly to feel what I had there. Crap. I had a small cut there. If Jeff saw this he would surely kick the crap out of Ben. Now Ben could have been a little more cautious when we stepped into that house but it wasn't his entire fault. I had stepped into that house as well and knew what I was getting myself into. 

"Yeah I think I'm going to go upstairs into my room," I said while getting up.

"Why?" Jeff asked confused. "It's like only midnight. It's early."

"Uh well I'm sleepy," I stated. "You can stay up but I'm not."

"Whatever," He rolled his eyes. 

"I'm tired too so I'll just be heading upstairs," Ben fake yawned. And with that he bolted up the stairs and into his room. I even heard the small click of a door being locked. 

Even Ben is scared of Jeff, I thought amused.

          I shook my head slightly giggling and was about to head upstairs. My foot had touched the first step when suddenly Jeff grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him. He put his free hand on the lower part of my back, making it arch. This made my heart skip a beat. Being this close to Jeff just made me so nervous. 

"Something the matter?" I asked shakily. 

He narrowed his eyes down at me and with the hand that was on my back, grabbed my chin and forced me to look the other way. I tried to jerk back but it was too late. He had seen the cut on my face.

"From today's kill?" He asked with a growl. I refused to answer him but he only got angrier. "IS THIS FROM TODAY'S KILL?"

"Y-Yes!" I squeaked. He let me go and pushed me back roughly. 

"Damn that stupid Ben," He growled. He was about to storm up to Ben's room but I grabbed his wrist and held him back. 

"Jeff wait! This is my entire fault!" I said while trying to drag him down, to prevent him from moving forward. 

"Oh is it really?" He asked in a strange tone. It was mocking and frightening tone at the same time. 


His carved in smile stretched wider. "Well I'll have to teach you a lesson." 

"L-Lesson?" I squeaked.

          Before I knew it, I was being dragged upstairs to his room. I don't know what he had planned for me but I just hope it won't be anything painful. He kicked his door open and pushed me onto his bed roughly. We slammed his door and locked it and even put a chair behind it. What the hell was he planning to do? He faced me with a hungry look in his eyes. It was look that maybe I had seen when he had killed but slightly different. I sat up but he pushed me back down. Out of nowhere he grabbed my wrists and pinned my arms above my head. My heart raced wildly as perverted thoughts ran throughout my mind. Was he planning to...? No he wouldn't....right? Oh shit who am I kidding? It's Jeff the Killer, of course he would! I whimper as he straddles my hips and then puts one leg between mine to open them. He moved his knee up and close to my lower regions. 

"Babe," He chuckled. "You won't be going to sleep tonight. You'll be too busy with me." 

So this is part one of the lemon. Sorry it took so long to post something on here but I was away (in Colombia) and got back like a day or two ago. So part two should be up sometime tomorrow or on Sunday.

Hope you enjoy this and give me any criticism!

Part TWO:…
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