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August 19, 2013
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Here is part two of my Jeff the Killer x Reader one-shot! This is where the lemon part starts so I guess...warning? But I'm pretty sure most of you have been awaiting this. 

Anyways, ENJOY~!

Reader's POV

     I looked up at Jeff nervously. Something about the tone of his voice made me feel scared but so turned on that same time. Perhaps it was the way his husky voice could sound so sexy when his eyes pierced through mine. Before I respond to what he had said, his lips attacked my neck. His lips hungrily searched for me my sweet spot. He found it with ease and I let out a small moan to prove so. I couldn't help but blush from doing so. I'm not the type of person who just does things like this but I'll make an exception for Jeff. 

"Oh you're going to be moaning more tonight," He whispered in my ear. 

He started to kiss my neck again before kissing me on the lips. His hand roamed down my body and over my breasts, causing me to gasp surprised. Jeff took advantage of this moment by slipping his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues were at war with each other in our mouths, causing hot fireworks to fly. Obviously Jeff was the more dominant one and one this war but I'm not complaining. His kisses trailed down to my jaw line to my collar bone. His hands moved underneath my shirt and in a flash he removed the annoying piece of fabric. I sat up when his hands went to the back of bra, trying to undo the clasp. I sat up and finally the the clasp was undone. He tossed the bra somewhere in the room and pushed me back down onto the bed. His hands kneaded my breasts like dough while he continued to kiss me passionately. He started to kiss down my body until...

"Ahh~ Jeff~~" I moaned when he began to suck on my breast. 

   Jeff sucked my left breast while his hand massaged the other. While massaging my breast, he took my perky nipple and rolled it between his fingers. He pinched it and tugged on it a little. This caused me to moan and arch my back. Jeff switched breasts from time to time before he got bored. He looked down at my half naked figure and grinned. He started to unbutton my pants and I kicked my shoes and socks off. When that was off....all that was left was my underwear. I looked up at him shyly to which his grin grew wider.

"Aw is this your first time?" He teased. 

"S-Shut up," I stammered. "So what if it is?"

"Well lucky for you," He grinned. "I'm going to make you remember your first time forever." 

        He hooked his fingers on the side and slipped them off. He took my wrists and pinned them over my head again. He kissed me more passionately, his pink muscle coaxing mine. The kiss was electric, like it was igniting my body. His grip on my wrists had relaxed so I decided to run my fingers throughout his black raven hair, provoking a moan out of him. His hand went down to my core. His thumb started to teasingly stroke my clit, making me moan into the kiss. I let out a loud moan when he inserted a finger....and then another. He started to pump them in and out causing me to get wetter. He made a scissoring motion with his fingers, feeling my walls, before adding in another. Just when I was about to go over the edge, he stopped and took out his fingers.I noticed that he still had his clothes on which was unfair. My hands found its way underneath his hoodie and I pulled it up and over his head. We parted for a second but then got back to what we were doing. I felt up his sculpted abs and rested my hands on his shoulders. Jeff broke the kiss to get his pants and any other unnecessary clothing out of the way. I wrapped my legs around his. He smirked as he moved his member near my entrance to tease me. 

"Beg," He chuckled. 

I pouted and looked up at him with big lustful eyes. "Jeff....please stop teasing me....."

"Gonna have to do better than that." 

"P-Please," I bit my lower lip and looked at him shyly. "P-Please....fuck me."

"Good girl," He kissed me my forehead. "Or should I say naughty?"

      This caused the blush in my cheeks to rise. He kissed me hard and I gasped when I felt his member enter my body. Tears fell down my cheeks but Jeff wiped them away with his thumb. When I finally adjusted to him being inside of me, I nodded letting him know. He started to thrust in and out slowly. I admit it was still painful at first. Then slowly the pain started to fade away and was replaced by pleasure. I moaned, arching my back, allowing him to thrust in deeper. I wrapped my legs around his torso, my heels pressing into his back so we can be closer. He started to massage my breasts again while he kissed me. 

"Jeff," I moaned into the kiss. "H-Harder....please.....faster......"

       He did what I had asked and started to pick up the pace. I ran my hands throughout his hair and let out a loud moan as he found my sweet spot. Jeff smirked, realizing that he found it. He started to thrust harder and harder at the spot. I started to feel a pressure building up in my lower abdomen. My climax was coming soon but I just didn't want this to end. He thrust in harder and faster, making me hit my climax. I rolled my hips into his to ride out the climax. My walls clenched around his member causing him to groan out my name.

"Ahh (name)," He moaned. 

"J-Jeff," I moaned as well. 

In just a few more thrusts, he reached his climax, his hot seed filling me up. He pulled out and now I had this strange feeling of emptiness in my body. He lied down next to me and pulled me over to him. Our bodies were still giving off heat despite being so tired. What had just happened was amazing. 

He ruffled my hair and kissed my forehead. "You were amazing babe."

"T-Thanks," I blushed. "So were you. But, uh, how exactly was this a punishment?"

Jeff looked down at me and grinned before breaking out into hysterical laughter. I looked up at him terrified. I replayed in my head what had just happened but couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. I started to grow more nervous when he hadn't stopped laughing.

"Jeff what did you do to me?!" I asked petrified. I sat up to look at him, pulling the sheets up to my chest. 

When he stopped laughing, he propped himself up on his elbows and smiled evilly at me. He then reached out to his drawer near his bed and pulled out....a condom.

"Didn't use this babe," He grinned. 

I shook my head and chuckled. "Immortals can't get pregnant." 

"Yeah that's what you think," He laughed. He then lied back down and put his sleeping mask on.

"You jerk!" I gasped, my hands flying to my stomach before I hit him over the head with a pillow. 
So this is part two of the Jeff the Killer Lemon.

So when I was writing this, I decided to call it bad apple because I pictured a tiny convo between Jeff and the reader that goes something like this:

Reader: I don't know why you hate Ben so much and why you hate it when I hang out with him.

Jeff: He's a bad apple that'll just infect you and make you bad.

Reader: And what are you~?

Jeff: I'm badASS.

Lol so yeah that's why it's called Bad Apple that and I was listening to the song Bad Apple when I was writing this. Too late to add in a scene like that though. Oh wells hope you guys enjoyed it and in case you missed the first part. I'll put the link below.

Part One:…


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I'll just get an abortion... JK but I'm to young! Teen mom 3!
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Me: Jeff... Would you like to be a father?? . _ .
Jeff: Wait... BISHWHET?
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Me: Real mature asshat. Real mature. ♥
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Holy shit! *turns toward me* where'd you get the...
me: always keep one by my dresser in case BEN decides to do "this" *points to him than me*
jeff; -_-
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