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May 14
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Tony Stark was walking by the Avengers living room when he heard what sounded like you shouting nonsense at the confused God of Thunder.

“Alright,” you said, calming down from your little scream fest. “The topic is Heroes & Villains. Ready?”

“Most ready, Lady (Name),” Thor said. 

“Remember: Up is correct and down is pass. Don’t do it too hard though. I don’t want you to break my phone.” 


Several seconds past and Tony had to listen intently to see if he would miss anything being said. Usually he would have passed by without so much of a care, however, this particular day he was very bored and had been wandering around the tower wondering what to do with himself. His plan was to go pester Bruce but now he thought otherwise. Why not pester you for a change? 

“Oh!” you gasped several seconds later. “This is easy! Okay, so he can be an ass sometime—”

“What?” Thor said confused.

Tony had muttered the same thing. 

“Just listen!” you chided him. “This guy can be an ass yet somehow, everyone loves him. He’s….handsome.” You paused. “Has probably slept with every girl in the world.”


“Fa—? What? No!” you exclaimed. “ he really like that?”

Tony had to poke his head through the door to see Thor shrugging.

“Twas merely a guess.” 

“What are you guys—” Tony paused mid-sentence when he entered the room and saw that Thor had your phone on his forehead so that he couldn’t see what was displayed on it.

What made Anthony twitch was the fact that it said his name on it: Tony Stark.

“Oh hi Tony!” you smiled, face radiant like you didn’t know he was listening in before.

“Seriously?” he gestured to the phone. 

You shrugged. “In my defense, I thought those hints were pretty good.”

He sighed, rubbing his temples and then he decided to let the small incident pass. Thor had placed your cellphone on his lap and was now looking at it curiously, muttering something about how intriguing Midgardian technology could be. 

“So what are you guys doing?” Tony asked as he strolled towards the couch to take a seat next to you.

“Playing charades with Thor,” you answered. “It’s very fun. Want to try?” 

“You had me at charades.” 


You, Tony, and Thor had gotten into the game a lot. Two were always screaming hints at the other during the game and eventually, it caught the attention of the others. Soon, Clint had joined in on the game followed by, Bruce, Steve and Natasha. There was only one person who wasn’t down there but the gang didn’t notice. They were all too caught up in the game. Currently, it was Natasha’s turn who was guessing TV shows. 

“Imma country singer!” you shouted, speaking with a slur of a country accent. 

“She’s a blonde!” Tony said, gripping Thor’s hair like Natasha wouldn’t know what blonde looked like. The God just looked at Tony confused and shook him off. 

“Rhymes with mash!” Clint added in. 

"She's a beautiful woman!" Steve piped up, his face turning red afterwards. 

You jabbed him in the side lightly, raising your eyebrows suggestively at him.

"Uh....uh….” Natasha stammered confused. “Is it...Hannah Montana?”

“Time’s up!” Tony said.

“Hannah Montana?” you shouted frustrated. “Are you freaking kidding me?!”

Natasha looked down at the phone and sighed. 

“ was Nashville. You guys suck at giving hints.”

“You just suck in general,” Clint muttered. 

Natasha then slapped the archer upside the head while everyone else tried to figure out who should play the game next. After doing rock, paper, scissors, it was decided that Bruce should go. This time the topic was of popular TV or movie star characters. The game loaded and everyone immediately started to shout out random hints to poor Bruce who looked overwhelmed by all the screaming. He was actually beginning to sink down into his seat from fear. 

“He’s really sexy!” you shouted.

“He plays a pirate!” Tony said.

“And a scissor guy!” Natasha said. 

“Also, a candy factory owner!” Clint added. 

“A vampire!” 

“A barber!” 

“A madman!”

“Johnny Depp?” Bruce asked confused. 

“YES!” Everyone shouted.

Bruce flipped the phone upwards so that the next character could pop up on the screen. 

“She’s really sexy,” Clint smirked. 

“For a cartoon,” Tony muttered with a grin. 

"Oh I remember that being one of the first movies I watched when I was unfrozen," Steve commented when he recognized the character. 

“Who is this woman?” Thor asked confused.

You leaned over to the God to explain who she was. He nodded, understanding who she was better now but he wasn’t able to give any hints to Bruce to help out.

Natasha snapped her fingers when she came up with something. “She dates a goofball in the movie!”

“She has red hair!” Thor said since that was all he could offer at the moment. 

You placed a finger on your chin, wondering what hint you could give Bruce so that he could figure it all out. There was something you had done a long time ago that had to do with the character, but just what? Suddenly, you gasped, the memory hitting you like a rock. 

“I dressed up as her for Halloween once!” 

“Jessica Rabbit!” Bruce exclaimed, suddenly realizing who it was. 

Everyone cheered and Bruce flipped the screen upwards to make it correct. The next character popped up on screen and everyone’s jaws dropped and eyes went to you. Your face was as red as cherries. Thor had even cast a glance towards you and raised his eyebrows suggestively. 

“Can we, um, please pass this question?” you asked as you squirmed in your seat.

“Why should we (Name)?” Tony asked with a smirk.

“You bloody know why,” you spat, cheeks heating up. 

Bruce took a glance at the phone and started to laugh.

“You still have a crush on the Joker?” he asked teasingly.

“S-Shut up!” you stammered. “Just...pass!”

"Guys don't tease (Name)," Steve stood up for you.

You thanked the super soldier and Bruce did what you asked and the next character popped up on screen. Again, everyone’s jaws dropped. Even yours. This was going to be fun to describe.

“Total egoist,” Natasha said first, smiling confidently.

“Tony?” Bruce guessed.

“What? No!” 

“He can be a brat sometimes,” Thor muttered, rolling his eyes. 

Everyone chuckled at that except for Bruce who had his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You read the timer and you had less than twenty seconds to help Bruce guess the correct answer. Everyone started to shout out anything that would help him.

“He’s pale!”

“Long black hair!”

“Tried to kill everyone for crying out!” 

“Blue eyes!” 

“I wrote about him in my journal once—! Ah fuck!” you cursed when you revealed that little secret of yours.

Everyone slowly turned towards you. Bruce looked into your eyes and then up, grinning he said, “Loki?”

“Y-Yes,” you nodded. “But don’t tell. He’ll kill me!”

“Oh I wouldn’t exactly say that darling~” an oh so familiar voice purred near your ear. 

In that moment, you were sure you never wanted to play charades again. 

I'm kinda back with this so like yeah 
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coolcat112 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
LOKI!! Loki'd La 
Ask-EmaWaters Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
“He’s really sexy!” you shouted.

“He plays a pirate!” Tony said.

“And a scissor guy!” Natasha said.

“Also, a candy factory owner!” Clint added.

“A vampire!”

“A barber!”

“A madman!”

“Johnny Depp?” Bruce asked confused.

“YES!” Everyone shouted.

I love Jonny Depp!! XD
PhoenixAngel7 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
He's the best x3
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Thank you dear! Don't worry, I'll keep writing more :D 
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