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November 17, 2013
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"Mirrors," You said slowly, her name gliding off your tongue. 

You looked her dead in the eyes, showing her that you did not fear her at all. It was just for show though. Honestly, you did fear her a little. She was a girl who was hundreds of years old. She was 1,300 years old to be exact. Slenderman was far much older than the being however since you knew him, you didn't fear him at all. In some ways he was like a father figure to you. Mirrors may be very old but she looked like your average teenage girl. Perhaps that is why it was so easy for her to take her victims. She had short, straight dark brown hair that reached her shoulders with brown eyes and pale skin that had some dirt rubbed into it here and there. All of her clothing was white. Her tanktop, sweatpants, socks, and shoes were all white except that it was covered in dirt. You figured she was always covered in dirt because she liked to hide in small places that were sometimes dirty. 

"(Name)," She smiled in a vexing manner. "I see the smiling one has managed to get you knocked up."

"Oh ha ha," You said unamused. "We may not have planned this but everyone in the Main House is excited for this baby to be born."

"...Really?" She looked at you curiously. Her eyes flickered to your stomach. "What's it like...? You know to have a baby inside of you."

You gave her a hard look before answering. Why did she want to know anyways? Mirrors was always off somewhere killing someone. That was your life before too however once you got pregnant...well killing people just wasn't a thing that pregnant women did.

"It's strange," You shrugged simply. "I have a being growing inside of me. Even though I have no idea who or what this child will grow up to be, I love it with all my heart and soul."

"That's nice," She smiled faintly. 

"Now tell me," You squinted your eyes at her. "Why are you here?"

"Can't a mirror ghost just pop on by to say hello?" She asked innocently, her hand over where her heart should be, faking hurt. 

"No you can't," You sneered. "You know that Slender doesn't want you here. He banned you from this place Mirrors so you better leave now before I tell him that you're here."

She balled her hands up into fists and slammed it on her side of the mirror, making your side crack. You flinched slightly from the sound of it breaking but still remained strong. She looked up at you with a maniacal grin on her lips.

"You know, I don't see what the fucking problem is," She laughed. "So I brought in some of my victims here to kill and torture. So what? What's the big fucking deal about it?"

"We're not allowed to do that, Mirrors!" You snapped, placing your hands on your hips. "You could have gotten us all exposed to the world. If that were to happen we would be fucked. Do you honestly think that all of us could take on things like the military? We may be immortal but you know that there is one way to kill us. And if the humans found that out, our kind would be wiped off the planet."

"I had it all under control!" She screamed, banging her fists against the mirror, creating more cracks in it. "All I ever wanted was to belong somewhere but you stroll in and just had to....had to be the good little girl that Slender always wanted me to be."

It was true what she was saying. When you had arrived, Mirrors was here first. She had been accepted into the Main House just a few months before you. She had been living in the Main House like a quiet door mouse, always keeping to herself. However things started to change and she quickly turned into the killer that she is today. She got in trouble with Slenderman for bringing her victims back into the house to continue torturing them when Slender had specifically told her to just kill them and not bother with torture. If she was going to torture them, then it should be where she had picked the victim. He did not want anyone to know that people like you existed, even if they were going to die afterwards. If one of them actually managed to escape, all hell would be let loose. When you had arrived, Mirrors was distancing herself from the group. You tried to become friends with her but she refused. So you gave up and made yourself at home by playing video games with Ben and hanging out with Masky and Ben. Slenderman thought that you were a good example that Mirrors should be following but she thought otherwise. So just after a month she had arrived, she had left, escaping into the world of mirrors. 

You thought you would never see her again...until now.

"Mirrors, Slender was willing to teach you how to control yourself and be better at killing," You tried to sympathize with her. "But you just left! You could have stayed with us. It was you who choose to leave and it was only after that did Slender ban you. He figured that you would just cause trouble if you came back..."

"Me? Cause trouble?" She chuckled darkly. "What immortal being hasn't? Why don't you take a look at yourself in the mirror, (Name)," She giggled at her own little joke. "You're not exactly a fucking saint either. You're parading around the place with that belly of yours thinking that you're the shit now. I'm sure that you know how dangerous that child may turn out to be."

"Yes I'm aware," You pursed your lips. "But I'll deal with that if and when the problem arises with Jeff."

"Well since you're so aware how dangerous your child may be, then you must already know how dangerous....I AM!"

You screamed as she lunged out the mirror and grabbed you by the shoulders. You clawed at her face and attempted to knee her in the stomach but that was hard with your stomach blocking it. You tried to get free from her grasp but she was too strong. She kept pulling you in closer and closer until you sucked into the world of mirrors with her. 


"(Name)?" Jeff banged on the door. "What's with all the screaming? What's going in there?"

He looked over to Ben who shrugged when they both heard no response from you. Sighing, he kicked the door down only to find you no where in sight. Jeff and Ben exchanged bewildered looks as they looked behind every nook and cranny in the bathroom for you. Jeff immediately began to feel worried although he didn't show it on the outside. 

"Slenderman!" Jeff shouted. The being was instantly in front of him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"(Name)'s gone," Jeff stated. "She locked herself in here earlier and now she's not here."

Slenderman was silent as he approached the bathroom mirror. One of his tentacles reached out to touch and seeped through it. The portal that Mirrors had created was still open but barely. Tentacles sprang out from Slenderman's back in anger, a dark aura forming around him.

"She's been taken by Mirrors," He snarled. 

Ben was in total shock at how quickly things had escalated. "Shit just got serious...really fast." 


"Ugh where am I?" You groaned as you tried to sit up. Your hands fell to your stomach and you felt relieved when you saw that nothing had harmed your child. You looked around to find yourself in the Main House but...things were different. Everything was in reverse. The wallpaper design in the bathroom was backwards, the letters on the toothpaste tub were backwards. Everything was backwards and in reverse. "Where the fuck am I?"

"Welcome to the Mirror Realm," Mirrors cooed in your ear. 

You looked at her horrified and tried to beg her to bring you back to the real world while she just sat there and laughed at you.

Part 7 -…

If I butchered your character :icongirlmariofan: then I'd have to say sorry in advance. I hope you don't mind if I added some things in order to make her appearance in this story make more sense. 

Anyways, I hope all you guys liked it. I actually updated early so yay! :D 

Later you guys~
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If Ur pregnant doesn't mean u need to be treated like a princess and think that u r he only thing important-.- its annoying
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