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All was peaceful in the land of Ooo and every candy creature, animal, and demon was asleep. The night was still and the stars shined brighter then never before. This was why you had invited Marshall Lee to come up to your house and watch the stars with you on top of the roof. You were wearing a simple (f/c) tank top with a pair of jeans and your flip flops. You were waiting for Marshall to show up but until then, you had prepared everything. You grabbed lots of snacks for the two of you, some comics in case you got bored, and some movies with a mini screen to watch them. You had also thought of some scary stories to tell in case you wanted to freak out the bad boy vampire.

That was highly unlikely though since Marshall was always the one that was scaring you. 

As you were setting up the blankets a husky voice near your ear hissed, "Hey what are you doing out here all by yourself little girl?"

You spun around, cheeks red, eyes wide only to see that it was Marshall Lee. 

"Marshall!" You huffed, punching his shoulder.

He laughed as he dodged your attack and floated next to you, cross legged. "(Name) you should have seen your face! Oh my glob it was priceless!"

"Not funny, Marshall," You pouted, crossing your arms over your chest.

His laughter started to die down as he wiped tears away from his eyes. "Alright, alright. So I see you got everything set up. Looks good."

"Really?" You cocked your head to the side with a hopeful look in your eyes.

Despite how much of a pain Marshall Lee could be, you somehow fell for the bad boy. It was a typical thing too. Good girl falling for the bad boy. It was like your life was some sort of romance novel. Glob you hoped it was not. The last thing you needed was Marshall rejecting you and then have Prince Gumball telling you how he was right and how you were wrong. He could be so annoying sometimes. Maybe that's why you liked Marshall. He was a breath of fresh air. He wasn't afraid to push back unlike Gumball. He was actually a challenge for you.

"Yeah it's nice," Marshall nodded as he floated over one of the blankets, body never resting on them. 

You lied down next to him, looking up at the stars. "So thanks for coming...."

"No problem," He shrugged. "I heard that Gumball went bonkers on you for accidentally knocking over one of his precious test tubes. Glob that guy can be such a science freak."

You giggled at his remark. "Yeah I know. He acts like those things are his children. And he has like a zillion more."

"Why do you hang out with the guy then?" Marshall asked skeptically.

You ran a hand through your (h/c) hair. "I don't know really. He can be really nice though plus he's given me some cool stuff in the past."

"You sure it isn't cause you like to binge on all his candy food?" Marshall teased you with a laugh. 

You looked up at him with a guilty look in your (e/c) eyes and then couldn't help but nod. "Alright, alright you caught me. Not my fault. It is called the Candy Kingdom and candy is my weakness."

"Yeah you just love sweet things don't you?" Marshall purred. 

Your face heated up when you saw the suggestive look in his eyes. You punched his arm so hard that he was sent flying back. Thankfully he regained his balance and floated back over to you. He was snickering to himself because of your reaction.

"Relax, (Name). Your secret is safe with me."

"What secret?" You asked confused out of your mind. 

He grabbed a bowl of popcorn that you had made and stuffed some in his mouth. "Well that you like Prince Gumball."

"What?!" You gasped, face turning even a darker shade of red. "No I don't!"

"Oh man you so do," He smirked. "Your face is so red right now. That proves it!"

You bolted up to your feet, hands on your hips. "I could never like crazeball in a million years! We're just friends!"

"Why are you getting so defensive?"

"Because I like you, you jerk!"

You gasped hearing the words coming out of your mouth. That completely wiped off the grin on Marshall Lee's lips. He looked at you astonished and taken aback while you were more embarrassed than ever. Glob how were you going to recover from that? What if he never wanted to be your friend again because of that? If you couldn't be more then friends with him, being just friends would be fine. You really hoped that you hadn't ruined the friendship now and made things very awkward. Marshall just stared you, gulping and blinking.

" that true....?" He asked uneasily.

You nodded, your eyes avoiding his and a blush on your cheeks.

You couldn't even speak to him nor look at him! You heard the sound of him floating over towards you but you had no idea what he was going to do. Just right when you were about to look up, his lips met yours in a sweet kiss. It was a simple peck on the lips but it still made your heart beat like mad. When he pulled away, there was also a blush on his pale colored cheeks but he tried to play it off.

He coughed. "So uh, yeah, I...I like you too actually."

" do?"

"Uh-huh," He nodded. 

There was a moment of awkward of you both registered what had just happened. You liked Marshall Lee and he liked you back. He had just kissed you and you liked it more then you thought you ever would. Was this really happening right now or were you dreaming? You were pulled out of your thoughts when Marshall Lee called your name.

"Hey (Name)," He grinned. "Wanna go play a prank of Gumball?"

"Oh you know it," You laughed, running off with him to the Candy Kingdom.

Oh gosh.

Idk why I did this.

So sorry if this turned up horrible.

I just wanted a break from writing Avengers stuff and then my crush Marshall Lee came to mind. If I got anything wrong, I am sooooo sorry. The ending turned up weak cause I really didn't know how to end it.

I hope you guys enjoyed either way. 
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