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It was late and you had to work an extra shift. Now that you were running for your life, you regretted letting your boss making your work late. It was practically pouring too so if you slipped, you would be a goner. Your attacker was still chasing you even after four blocks! This guy was very persistent! You still kept running though, hoping that you would run into somebody that could help you. Sadly, there was no one walking around at one in the morning. If you had lived closer to work, you would have gotten back home around midnight or even earlier. You were seriously going to have to quick that crummy job when and if you made it of this alive. 

"Just go away!" You shouted back at him, tears streaming down your cheeks and mixing in with the rain water.

He merely grunted and then you heard the sound of a knife being flicked out. That made the fear in you rise. You kept on running but sadly, tripped on a garbage bag that was near a dark alley. You fell on your face and before you could try to get back up, your attacker was yanking you into the dark alley. You tried to struggle but as soon as he pressed the knife to your neck, you knew that you had to stay still or else you wouldn't live to see tomorrow. You started to whimper and cry even more as he tore up your skirt and shirt that stuck to you like glue due to the rain. 

"Shut up, bitch," He growled, tearing up your clothes even more.

He had a hand clamped over your mouth now so screaming seemed pointless. You thought that it was all over for you. But then suddenly, he was yanked off of you and thrown against a brick wall. You got off the ground, confusion written all over your face. Who had saved you? You turned around to see the Spiderman standing there in his red, blue and silver suit. Your attacker looked at him with slight fear in his eyes but apparently he was a bigger dumbass then you thought since he went charging at Spiderman with the knife. Spiderman quickly blocked his attack and elbowed him down onto the cold hard pavement before bringing him back up to his knees and kicking him in the face. This sent him flying backwards. He was about to attack again but settled against it. He scrambled away, leaving just you and Spiderman.

Spiderman slowly turned around to face you and rushed to your side.

"Are you alright?" He asked worriedly. "He didn't touch you, did he?"

You shook your head, feeling more confused. Where had you heard that voice before? "I'm fine. Thank you so much for saving me!"

"It's no problem miss," He nodded. He turned around about to leave but you grabbed his wrist to prevent him in doing so. "Is something wrong..?"

"Uh no," You blushed. "I was just wondering if I could thank you properly...."

"Huh?" He cocked his head to the side confused. 

You slowly reached your hands up to his face and started to lift his mask up. His hands instantly went to yours to prevent you in doing so.

"Relax," You whispered softly, small smile on your lips. "I won't take it off."

He tensed up but then relaxed and let you continue. You only took the mask up so far so that you could see his lips. Ever so slowly, you leaned in and pressed your lips against his. You could tell he wasn't expecting this at first but he gradually accepted the kiss and returned it. You both opened your mouths slightly, the moment just feeling right somehow. Your pink muscle explored his mouth and you felt your heart fluttering as it do so. His hands rested on your waist gently, almost like he was afraid to hurt you. When you both pulled away, there was a clear grin on your lips.

"Till next time, Spiderman," You waved goodbye. "Thanks again."

He coughed awkwardly, suddenly becoming very shy. "You're welcome miss...until next time."

And just like that, he was off into the night.


"You got attacked last night?" Your best friend, Peter Parker gasped. "Oh my gosh, are you alright? Did you call the police?"

You and Peter were sitting at a cafe that you had called him over to meet you at. You were telling him the details of the attack, Peter listening intently to every word that left your mouth. 

"Yeah but only after Spiderman saved me!" You gushed. "He was so cool too!" 

"Really? Spiderman saved you? Well that was nice of him," Peter grinned. 

You nodded, a sly smirk on your lips. "Yeah and guess what? I kissed him too."

"Oh, um, y-you did?" Peter blushed, a shy smile on his lips. 

You nodded again. "Yeah it was kinda like this."

You leaned over the table and grabbed him by the collar so that you could force him forward. You pressed your lips firmly against his, Peter blushing madly and not sure how to react. When you pulled away and sat back down in your chair, Peter was still blushing and you were smirking like the little devil you were.

"Uh what was....?"

"Idiot," You cut him off with a chuckle. You leaned in so that you could whisper, "You wouldn't think that I would forget how the person who first kissed me kisses like, would you?"

He rubbed the back of his neck, looking as bashful as ever. It was true that Peter was your first kiss in elementary school. It was partially a dare but something that you also wanted to do. Things never hit it off from there though. He was too shy but you understood that. Still, as soon as your lips met "Spidermans" last night, you just knew who he really was. 

"W-Wait so you know...?!" He stammered nervously.

"Of course," You laughed. You leaned in to kiss again and this time he did indeed kiss you back. "Your secret is safe with me, Spidey~"

Please don't ask. I have a crush on him too, okay?

Today I even got a red Spider Man sweater >w< 

It's soooo soft and comfortable, I love it!

I feel like Spidey here should get more one-shots so here ya go people! I hope you all enjoyed :) 
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