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"(Name)!" Tony shouted as he ran across the street. You had been fighting alongside him during the great battle between Loki. Tony of course had flown off to bring the party back to them but never did he think that something like this could happen. During the battle, you tried to stab a Chitauri with your knife only to have the alien grab it and stab you with it. You underestimated the alien's power and Tony had failed you.

He should have stuck by your side the entire time to protect you.

But he wasn't.


"(Name), please wake up," Tony cried as he shook your body that was becoming lifeless. Your eyelids felt heavy and were threatening to close any minute. If only there was a hospital nearby. Even then, would the doctors be able to save your life? He gripped your hand tightly and tried to stay strong for the both of you. "Just hang in there (Name). Everything is  going to be alright."

"Tony..." You whispered. You were starting to lose the strength to just talk now. He leaned in so that he could hear you better. With a faint smile you said, "Thank you...for being my friend....I love you."

And just like that, all the life that was in your body was gone. 

"(NAME)!" Tony cried when he saw you die in his arms. "NOO! (NAME)! DON'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! PLEASE! (NAME)! (NA)-!"


"(NAME)!" Tony screamed as he jolted awake in bed. 

It had been a nightmare but not just any nightmare. A horrible nightmare of a memory he would rather forget. It had happened so long ago but he was still not over it. Tony missed you till this day. He wished desperately that you could be around today. He missed your smile, your laughter, the way your face scrunches up when you get mad....everything. He missed every detail about you. But you were gone....somewhere where he couldn't reach you so easily. 

He put his hands over his now sweaty face, letting a small sob escape his lips. The sheets were stuck to his body due to the sweat so he pushed them off of him roughly. He got out of bed, the desire to sleep now gone. He couldn't nor he wouldn't if all the dreams he had involved you in someway. It was cruel that his own mind was doing this to him. 

    Tony made his way down to the lab. Hopefully there he would be able to get his mind off of somethings. He sat down on a lab stool and just stared at the little tools that were in front of him. He picked one up and put it down and then picked it up again. This kept happening until he subconsciously started to do something. He had had an idea a long time ago. An idea that he knew wasn't morally right but he at least had to try. His hands started moving like they had a mind of their own. He picked up several tools, parts, and even pieces from his old Iron Man suits and started to get to work. 

All that could be heard in the lab was metal and several other pieces clinking against each other. At this point he didn't care anymore. He just wanted to see you one last time; he wanted to be in your presence just one last time. Perhaps then he could get some closure. 

     When he was finished with his work, he sat down and couldn't believe what he had created. Everything was even greater than what he had imagined in his head. His hand shakily went over to a remote that he had made to go along with the machine and pressed the on button. The machine seemed to have come to life with a breath and moved slowly as it's system made sure that everything was in check. 

"Um....hello there," Tony said uneasily when the machine's eyes landed on him. Eyes that he had looked into so many times before. 

"Hello there Master Stark," The machine greeted. Even it's voice sounded exactly like....yours. 

"There's no need to be so formal," Tony laughed nervously. He licked his lips before saying, "Tony would be just fine."

The machine blinked and registered this new piece of information in it's-no, her head. "Alright. Tony it is then. May I ask, what is my name?"

"Your name...." Tony trailed off. He gulped thinking, is this really safe? Should he be messing with things like this? He shook his head, thinking that it was best to not think at all. "Your name is, (Name)."

"(Name)," The name glided off of her tongue with ease. She then smiled for the first time. "It's nice to meet you Tony. What are my first orders?"

He thought about a number of things he could do with you. He remembered all the things you used to love to do before the battle of New York. His face turned sour for a moment of course the machine realized. She got off from the chair she was sitting on and approached him slowly. Tony looked up at her surprised when she was just inches away from him. 

Something looked different about her. Her (e/c) eyes didn't have that glazed look that it did before. It held....actual emotion in them. 

"Tony," She smiled. "How about we go play with Steve's shield?"

How she even knew that you used to love to do that or how she even knew who Steve was, never crossed his mind. 

He merely grinned and said, "I'd loved to, (Name)."

So what do you guys think of this? I started a new Tony story well just because. This was one started off of as tragic right from the start but don't worry, this one will actually have a surprise ending. So please, keep on reading :)

Let me know what you guys think below in the comments!

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