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October 18, 2013
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Everything was pitch black. The smell of ash and something undefinable filled the air. All that could be heard was the sick, twisted laughter of people. You weren't even sure if those were people.  You didn't want to investigate for yourself. All you wanted to do was run far away from the circus that you were now trapped in. You had been kidnapped and brought to this place years ago without any reason why. You had been forced to 'perform' in this circus. They made you do rather cruel and painful things. When you didn't perform your act correctly, you would be denied dinner and would be whipped with a bamboo stick ten times. God did that hurt. Your back would forever have scars because of that. Thankfully you had managed to escape from your cage and were now running for your life. 

You gripped your whip tightly, your (s/c) knuckles turning white/pale. Your footsteps echoed throughout the corridor as you kept on running. You felt like you were in a maze! Who know's how long you had been running? Your (e/c) orbs tried to see through the darkness but failed. You bit your lower lip as you came to a stop. The circus was rather big and had been designed specifically to make sure that escapee's never saw the light of day. Tapping your foot, you tried to think of a good escape plan. 

It was a hair raising laugh that pulled you out of your thoughts.

Whipping around, you tried to find the source of the sound. All you saw was a shadow that disappeared here and there. Your heart began to pound in your chest and sweat started to form at your temples. You snapped your whip and shouted, "Whose there? Come out already! I'm not afraid of you!" However your shaky voice would say otherwise. It was silent for just about three seconds until the laugh came again, except this time it sounded more forced. 

To hell with it, You thought. 

You started to run again, not caring where you were going. As long as you got away from whoever was trying to scare you, you'd be fine. You kept on running until *Bam!* someone dropped down in front of you. Squeezing your eyes to get a better look at the person, you realized that it was none other than Laughing Jack. The fear in you began to rise. Laughing Jack worked in the circus but held a higher ranking. He was the one who had given you the scars on your back under orders.

"Here to stop me, Jack?" You hissed.

His black eyes bore into your (e/c) eyes with amusement. "Stop you? Now why would I do that? You were never a good performer anyways. You were just eye candy."

"So get out of my way then," You growled. "You said so yourself that I'm bad so just let me be."

"No," He laughed sickly. "I don't think I'll do that. You see, I like seeing you suffer."

Within a blink of an eye he was right behind you, pressing a knife against your neck but not hard enough to make you bleed. You began to squirm around in his grasp but instantly froze when he pressed the knife a little harder. He brought the knife to your cheek and made just a small incision. The whimper that escaped your lips drove him wild however you were not aware of that. Remembering that you had your whip with you, you hit him with it on his leg. It was like a mosquito bite to him since he let out a low, deep chuckle from his throat. His husky voice brought arousal to you in the strangest way nonetheless you weren't about to give in to him. You gritted your teeth and tried to stay silent as he made another cut going from your collar bone and stopped just where your (f/c) shirt was. You began to grow nervous since Jack didn't move at all. You felt him staring you down and then suddenly he spun you around and pressed his lips to yours. The kiss was very surprising to you. Laughing Jack had a habit of teasing you more than needed and even though he had caused some of your pain, he had tried his best to make the pain go away. Once he even went as far as sharing some of his candy with you. 

A gasp escapes your lips as he squeezes your hip, allowing his tongue to slide in with ease. You were too distracted by his pink muscle massaging your own to notice that he had pushed you onto the ground. His lips left yours in a groan and started to place love bites up and down your neck. He placed a rough kiss on your collar bone, licking, biting, and sucking on it till it became a hickey. You were beginning to get lost in your pleasure that you had forgotten about your plans to escape the circus. At the moment you didn't care though. 

You ran your fingers through his messy, black hair and brought your lips onto his. He tore away at your clothing, taking in your figure once it was all off. You couldn't believe that this was happening but yet it was. His fingers began to trace imaginary shapes on your body, occasionally rubbing small circles on your hip. He started to massage your breasts, erecting a moan from you. He leaned in and took one of your buds in his mouth and began to suck and switching to the other bud from time to time. Starting to get a little impatient since you could feel the bulge in his pants, you started to peel off his clothing as well. 

"Someone wants this as much as I do," His husky voice chuckled near your ear. 

You blushed a deep shade of red and continued with taking off his clothing. You let out a moan as he began to rub your core with a slender finger before inserting it, pumping in and out. The teasing was starting to become unbearable. Your fingers graced his chest and ran up and down his back causing him to let out a small moan of pleasure. His fingers slipped out of you much to your displeasure but was soon replaced with something bigger and better. As he entered your body, you clawed at his back and both of you were sure that he was going to have claw marks later on. He started to thrust slow at first but then quickly picked up the pace and started to go deeper. Your mind was reeling with pure ecstasy with the experience you were going through right now with Laughing Jack. You began to move your hips in tune with his to create a wonderful friction that was about to get the two of you over the edge. He kissed your lips passionately, dominating your mouth in seconds before giving you another hickey on your neck. You let out a loud as he hit your g-spot. He took note of this and began to thrust harder and deeper. 

"J-Jack~!" You moaned. "I-I'm almost..."

"Me too," He moaned as well.

He started to massage your breasts again, occasionally pinching your buds and sucking on them. You grinded against him and with one final thrust from Jack, the two of you were sent over the edge. You screamed each other's names during the climax. When it was over the two of you were panting. He slid out of you and lied down next to you, his arms wrapping themselves around you and bringing you close to his body.  

"I hate you, you know?" You muttered while bring your clothes around you for warmth.

"Hmm and why's that?" He grinned.

"You just made me want to stay here..." You huffed. 

He was silent but broke the silence by saying, "We could just leave right now. The exit is close."

You turned over to face him and smiled. "Alright let's go then."

This was a request from :iconchinafangirl98:

Thanks for the points so I hope you enjoyed this lemon. I know the character Laughing Jack but just wasn't sure what his character was like so if I didn't portray him well, I apologize. I also apologize from any grammar mistakes or errors.

Bye bye lovelies,

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Me: Daaaaaayyymm!!
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Me:*Runs away*
LJ: where are you going, Come back here *grabs me by the legs with his long arms and drags me back into the room shutting the door....I was never seen again....the last thing I said was* What am I going to tell jeff?!?!?!?!?!?
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Me: wtf 
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i like this because the isea was original Dancing Elsa Leleleplz (fixed) Elsa Clapping Sothereplz (fixed) 
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I only have one thing to say about that ending: THE EXIT WAS SO CLOSE THIS WHOLE TIME!?!!!!
Flippin' Tables 
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RIGHT?...that was EXACTLY what I was thinking....but I still enjoyed it 
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Glad you enjoyed ^^
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