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"Whoa whose that new girl?" Tony asked when he saw you walk past the SHIELD meeting room. 

"That's (f/n) (l/n)," Steve said. "She's a new agent in SHIELD."

"Well she's hot," Tony smirked. 

"Tony," Clint growled. "Lay off."

"Oh I see," Tony smugly grinned. "You have dibs on her. I understand."

"W-What?" Clint blushed furiously. 

Thor shook his head with a chuckle. "It is quiet alright brother Barton, you have done the 'dibs' thus making her yours."

"Why do I hang out with you guys again?" Clint sighed.

"Cause we're all you got," Bruce shrugged.


You sat down at the lunch table with Natasha sitting across from you. She arched her eyebrow at you, a playful smile on her lips. You picked at your salad, unaware of how she was looking at you. It was only till you looked up that you realized. You gave her a confused look, wondering what was on your mind. You had become friends with the red head in a short period of time but there were still somethings you didn't know about her. So of course the two of you weren't exactly on best friends level. You were new at SHIELD after all and your job didn't exactly allow you to build close relationships with your co-workers.

"What?" You blinked confused.

" do you feel about Hawkeye?" Natasha smirked. You blushed fifty shades of red and immediately shut up. She noticed your expression and her smile widened. "So you do like him~"

"Nat what are you talking about?" You asked bewildered.

"Well Tony has started this whole thing," She began. "So basically we're shipping you guys now. I figured why not?"

"WHAT?" You gasped. You shot right up out of your seat, slamming your fists on the table. "DO NOT SHIP US!"

"Try telling that to Tony," She said unfazed by your sudden move.


You were walking down the hall, looking through paper work so much that you weren't even looking ahead of you. Clint was doing the same thing and the two of you just so happened to bump into each other at the halls. You squeaked and paper work went flying everywhere as you both fell on top of each other. When the paper work was all on the ground, that's when you realized that Clint had landed on top of you, his hands on either side of your side with him hovering above you.

"Sorry, sorry," Clint said quickly when he realized what position you two were in. 

"It's no big deal," You blushed embarrassed.

And right at that moment, Tony literally wheeled in the halls on his office chair with his phone out and taking pictures. "Awww how cute. This shipping just got even more popular."

You pushed Clint off of you, forgetting to check if he was alright and ran after Tony was 'running' away from you on his office chair.

"DAMN IT STARK!" You yelled furiously. 


You walked into an Avengers meeting with Fury not yet in the room. Tony was leaning back in his chair, a smug grin on his lips. Everyone of course was talking about the picture that he had sent to them. You sat down next to Clint since it was the only chair in the room. Of course everyone else thought differently and smiled at seeing you two next to each other. You had it with this whole shipping thing.

"Stop shipping us!" You yelled annoyed. "It's not happening you guys!"

"But you guys are so cute together," Tony whined.

"Yeah just go out with each other," Bruce nodded.

Thor and Natasha agreed as well. You and Clint exchanged one look of surprise with each other and then looked at the others unamused.

"Are you guys really that dense?" Clint asked deadpanned.

"What do you mean?" Thor asked confused.

"You guys can't ship us cause we're siblings!" You yelled at them like it was obvious.

"WHAT?" Everyone gasped, shock written all over their faces. 

"But you have a different last name," Steve said confused.

You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. "I had to change my last name due to an issue that arose a few years back. Long story short, some guy wanted to kill me. So I took on a new identity." 

"I did not see that coming," Natasha blinked.

You saw Tony tearing up from his seat and asked what was wrong with him now. "You guys just destroyed my shipping!" He cried.

You face palmed after hearing that, not believing that the others hadn't figured this out. Natasha was an assassin for crying out loud and Tony was always looking through personal files. How could they have not realized?

"For fucks sake....." You sighed. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~ALTERNATE EXTENDED ENDING~~~~~~~~~~~~

After the meeting was over, it was just you and Clint in the room. The whole shipping thing really drained both of you guys. Clint got up and looked down the hall to make sure that the others weren't near. When the coast was clear, he smiled and placed a kiss on your lips. You returned the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around your waist.

"You think they bought the siblings thing?" Clint asked with a mischievous grin.

"Definitely," You laughed. "Looks like this relationship is gonna be able to stay secret for a while longer."

Did I just play with your mind? So the alternate ending was something I decided to put in there just in case some people got whiny saying to make a part two with a different ending and what not. 

I legit am getting shipped with a guy friend of mine. Everyday my friends say we should go out and I yell at them, "STOP SHIPPING US!" Today they wanted me to kiss him. HELL NO. We're just friends. 

Now I'm curious....who would you guys ship me with? XD 
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And the Tony does what Tony does best. :P
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I ship you with...STEVE!!!
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I hope so. :)
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Tony x Office chair The runaway... It needs to happen.. xD I died with the office chair part!
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