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Halloween parties were always the best. You could dress up as a whore for the day and no one could judge you about since it was Halloween. That and you could always blackmail them with pictures of the last Halloween party they went to. Over the years you had dressed up as various different characters. You were classy and went as Marilyn Monroe, you wanted to be fun so you went as Jessica Rabbit, you wanted to appeal to a certain fanbase so you went as Harley Quinn, and this year you were feeling you were feeling nostalgic so you decided to dress up as Tinkerbell.

You were the classic green dress with your hair up in a bun and the silver/clear wings on your back looked very real. Your shoes were simple green flats and your makeup took you less than ten minutes to do. All in all, you didn't spend much money on this costume. Still you looked absolutely adorable in your costume. You were putting on some earrings when there was a knock on your door. 

"Come in~" You called. 

You turned around just in time to find Clint strolling in the room with a grin on his lips. His grin grew when he saw your outfit.

"Well don't you look just adorable," He smiled, grabbing your hand and making you do a twirl so he could see your outfit fully. 

"Hehe thanks," You blushed. 

Clint always complemented you like that but you knew it was nothing serious. He was just a friend to you. Of course you wanted to be something more with him but how could you? Him and Natasha were obviously going to be a couple. She was just so beautiful that it would be stupid if Clint didn't start going out with her. Trying not to show what was on your mind, you took a step back and noticed that Clint wasn't wearing a costume. You gave him a disappointed look and only till he realized what you were disappointed about did he mumble a sorry.

"I'm not one to dress up," He said lamely.

"Clint you're gonna dress up or else I'm gonna shove you into a Peter Pan costume," You hissed. 

He immediately paled and nodded, a grin forming it's way on his lips.


It had been about an hour later and the two of you were at the Halloween party. Even now you couldn't believe that Clint had stole Tony's Iron Man suit and decided to wear that as a costume. You had to admit though, it did look good on him. Who knew that the colors gold and red would complement Clint well? 

Clint had disappeared some time ago and you were busy dancing with some people you had met at the party. One of the guys you were dancing with was very cute. He short, black hair and beautiful golden green eyes and a smirk that just drove you wild. He was wearing a suit and when you asked him who he was dressed up as, he said Al Capone. You could tell he was a bad boy. Then you thought about Clint. You still had feelings for him. Should you just give up and go for this new guy?

"I'll be right back," You told the other guy as you went to find the archer. It shouldn't be that hard since he was wearing the Iron Man suit. 

You kept on moving through the crowd until you found him.

In the arms of another woman.

That he had just met today and looked like he just started lip-locking with her.





   Trying to hide the tears in your eyes, you spun on your heel back to the other guy. Before you reached him, you had had about four drinks from the waiter's that were walking around. You had no idea what you just drank but you knew that it was strong. You could feel all of your troubles starting to melt away. You found the guy again thankfully and it was only then that you realized that you didn't know his name. So you asked him.

"Cal," He grinned at you.

You started to dance with Cal and the more you drank the more you forgot about Clint. During the dance, Cal grabbed your hips and made you dance closer to him. You were so drunk that you didn't care and actually pressed yourself against him. At least he was cute. You kept on dancing with him until you were spun around and faced a certain someone you really didn't want to see right now.

"What are you doing?" Clint growled, pulling you away from Cal.

"I'm dancing, duuuh," You slurred, your brows furrowed down angrily. 

"Not with him you are," Clint said sternly. He grabbed your wrist and started pulling you away from Cal who looked very confused. Then again, he was drunk off his ass too. 

You kept trying to get away from Clint, on the verge of tears again. So he could kiss whoever he wanted but you couldn't. That made no sense to you and actually made you just grow furious. You snatched your arm back from him and stormed past him out the club where the party was being hosted. Before you left, you stole a bottle of alcohol and started downing it. Clint followed you on the way out and kept on following you, wanting to keep an eye on you. The last thing he wanted was for you to get hurt. He matched his pace with yours and every time he tried to talk to you, you ignored him. At this point, he was even pleading with you. He kept on trying to talk to you and something in you just snapped. Why? Why did he suddenly care now? Tears welled in your eyes and soon you were crying. It was drunk crying but crying nonetheless. 

Clint grabbed your arm and tried to look in your eyes. You avoided his gaze but sank into his arms despite how much you wanted him to go away right now. The street was dark and lonely, just how you felt right now. Your sob's echoed throughout the alley's, your tears falling down onto the pavement and being lost in the ground. 

"Why are you crying?" Clint murmured, brushing your hair out of your face with his thumb.

You took a quick swig of whatever alcohol you had and responded snidely, "I don't know....why are you even here? You should just go back to her already."

"Who?" He asked confused. 

"That girl you were kissing you bird brain!" You sobbed, not wanting to call him names but hey, you were drunk. Your mind was a scrambled mess and thankfully Clint knew that so he held nothing against you. 

He sighed, realizing what you were talking about. He pulled you into a tight embrace and then suddenly put his lips to yours. The action left you shocked. Before you could respond, he pulled away, a slight blush on his cheeks. 

"(Name).....that girl kissed me," He stated, looking deep into your (e/c) eyes. "She was some random drunk girl that just came onto me. I don't like her at all. In fact I'm in love. I'm in love with you and only you."

You gulped, dropping the bottle and letting it shatter to the ground. He loved you. You loved him and he loved you back. All those doubts you have had before were nothing. Now you felt more confident and like you could do anything. You didn't have to worry about him running away with some other girl because he loved you. In that moment, time stood still. You quickly wrapped your arms around his neck and brought your lips to his. He hands then rested on your waist and he kissed you back passionately.  

"I love you too," You breathed when you both parted.

~~~~~~~~~Extended Ending~~~~~~

".....So you seriously don't remember anything that happened last night?"


"But come on, (Name), you must remember something," Clint tried to jog your memory. Panic was starting to seep in if it was true that you didn't remember anything at all. 

You looked up at the ceiling and thought about it for a while. "No I do not remember a single thing."

Clint then face-palmed. "You have got to be kidding me." You started to walk away and then Clint followed you. "So you don't remember getting drunk?" He asked feeling helpless. 

"Tinkerbell doesn't get drunk," You scoffed. 

"Me kissing you?"

".....Not at all."

" telling you that I love you?!" 

You stopped and turned on your heel with a smile on your face. "Now that I think about it, I remember all those things."

Clint looked at you, his jaw down. "You....TROLL. If you knew, then why did you make say those things?"

You stroked your chin with your finger. "Hmmmm maybe because I loved being told more than once how much you love me?"

He grinned, and wrapped his arms around your waist. All his worries had gone away. With a smile he said, "Well my dear, I love you very very much."

So in the title it says OS because I couldn't fit one-shot in there so yeaaah....

Anyways here's a quickie! I'll try to upload another thing but no promises people! I hope you all enjoyed :)
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edgirl1 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
whats funny is the avengers movie is coming out on my birthday im hoping and praying that clint gets more lines 
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Same here ~
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MattSmithDoctor Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Tinkerbell Don't Get Drunk.

Tinkerbell Don't Get Jealous.

And Tinkerbell Ain't Cryin'.
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Yes, but I do... Well, I actually have NEVER gotten drunk, but O get jealous and cry a lot...
PhoenixAngel7 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Tinkerbell is boss like that
Ciel-phantomhive3 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Tinker bell does not simply get drunk but when she does it's awesome
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um black haired guy green eyes suit

Loki thats all I could think of
PhoenixAngel7 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The guy was actually this character from a book I was reading XD
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