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It was a lovely Saturday night that you were spending with your super soldier underneath the stars. You had asked Steve if it was okay for the two of you to go lie out in the grass in your backyard to look at the stars and he had agreed. Tonight was supposed to be a night where you could see shooting stars. At least, that’s what the TV said.

Steve had prepared everything and as always, did more than what was necessary. That was one of the qualities you liked about him. He was always striving to do his best. He could make the simplest things take your breath away. That’s just what he did with this little picnic he had created. There was a red and white checkered blanket spread across the grass with a small picnic basket and a little candle to light everything up. He had even brought a small radio to play some music while you guys talked with one another.

You and Steve had been dating for about two years now and you couldn’t be any happier. He was always there to pick you up when you were down and not to mention that he was a sweetheart. Sure you had your typical couple fights with him but those were quickly resolved. Life was going good for you which is why you actually had something planned tonight.

“This is amazing,” you told him with a smile.

“Only the best for my girl,” he smiled sheepishly.

You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before sitting down on the blanket. Steve soon sat down next to you and you began to eat some of the sandwiches he had prepared for you.

“So do you think we’ll see some shooting stars tonight?” he asked.

“If not, I’ll make it happen for sure,” you told him with a giggle.

Everyone back at SHIELD knew about your power. It was a strange one that was considered harmless to those who didn’t know much about it but most people described it as beautifully dangerous. You had the ability to create stars in the palm of your hand, create black holes, and you could reach towards the galaxy to create a carpet of stars at your feet. So of course making shooting stars was easy for you.

The two of you lied down next to each other and soon, you did see a shooting star or two. It was hard to find them and you really had to squint to see them. Steve didn’t mind that he wasn’t seeing that many of them, he was just happy to be spending time with you. Wanting to have a little fun, you decided to write a few things using the stars.

With your index finger in the air you wrote Tony’s cell phone number.

“He’s going to kill you when he finds out you did that,” Steve laughed. “But I wish I could see the look on his face when all his fans call him.”

“I know me too,” you laughed as well. “His fanboys are just as bad as his fangirls. Pepper is going to have a fit.”

He moved closer so that he could kiss your temple. “Don’t worry; I won’t let them get to you.”

“My hero,” you teased him with a smirk.

He blushed at your remark and gripped your free hand tight. Never in your life had you felt more sure for what you were about to do.

“You wanna try?” you asked, offering your hand so that he could write something in the sky.

He nodded and took your hand gently. He made you look away while he wrote something in the sky. You tried to see if you could tell what he was writing but honestly had no clue. When he did let you look, a smile immediately came on your face.

“My love for you is greater than the universe,” you read the message out loud. You rolled over on your side so that you could throw your arms around him a tight hug. “Gosh I love you so much,” you mumbled in the crook of his neck.

“And I love you too,” he grinned.

“Now, it’s my turn to write something so look away,” you ordered him playfully.

He did what he was told and put his hand over his eyes to not look. You checked several times to make sure he wasn’t looking and scolded him every time he tried to peek through his fingers. Steve was now really curious to see what you had written.

“Okay you can look now….”

Steve was now puzzled as to why you sounded so nervous but when he read what you had written in the stars, he understood why.

“Will you marry me?” he read the message.

He was beyond shocked and didn’t know what to say. Before he could say something, you just started babbling.

“I know you’re an old fashioned man and everything,” you started. “But I just couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve been wanting this for a long time and thought that maybe you wanted the same thing. But if you want to wait a little longer, that’s fine with me.”

During your little speech, he had been playing with your hand and only when he tugged on it did you snap out of it.


“Look up,” he smiled.

You looked up and saw that he had written: Of course I will.

When you read that, you kissed Steve passionately and felt like your heart would burst from such happiness. 

An idea I had while in the shower XD

You guys remember my Cosmic Love BrucexReader One-Shot? Well I was thinking about what else I could do with the power I described there and here and thought, "Well the reader could propose to him writing the message in the stars."

Then I had this moment where I gasped and almost fell in the shower from jumping up and down at what an idea I came up with.

I figured why not? A girl can propose to a guy too and it's just as sweet in my opinion. 
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